Saturday, November 8, 2008

The O Incident!

Hey Dawgs,

From my previous post, You dawgs are probably wondering what is this O Incident? I will now give out the full name of the incident, it is THE OIL DRINKING INCIDENT! Yes you read it right the first time, I the pooped eater, urine drinker, tissue eater, underwear stealer have now added another name tot he list, oil drinker. Why you would think make me want to drink oil and what kind of oil is it exactly? Lets just say that I got curious about the nature of that yellow shiny liquid and decide to investigate and as to what kind of oil, I drank lamp oil, the kind that the two-legged use for the prayer alter.

Z wasn't home when it happen and when Mom found me, I was covered in oil and have finished the entire bowl of oil, there was about half left. Mom went into a semi-hysteric and started phoning Z asking her what to do. Apparantly Z doesn't know what to do either so she rushed home to take me to the vet. At this point I was feeling quite happy with myself until I started feeling queasy and my stomach was rumbling. So I started drinking lots of water and puked up most of the oil, twice.

Mom became fully hysteric when I refuse to eat my dinner. I mean I was still feeling oily and disgusted and the two-leggeds want me to eat? They are weird that way. So they pack me off to the clinic for a check up to make sure that I'm alright and when we arrive and they told the receptionist what I did, the vet came and advice that I be kept for observation and to be put on a IV drip because they do not know what other chemicals are present in the oil and if I'm affected I may get pancretitis. The problem is that at he clinic they do not have nurse who stay overnight and if I'm to be kept there I will be all alone at night. Z and my mom couldn't bare the thought of me being all alone so they pack me off to the Animal Hospital instead which have 24 hour care. When I arrive, the technicians shaved off some of my fur and then proceed to stick sharp objects into me! If cause I protested, very loudly and violently and Z who is also afraid of sharp objects didn't dare to look. They stole my blood and then I was put on a drip. Sigh... It was not a pleasant experience and the worst part was I refused to pee and kept holding in my pee, because I will only pee on my pee tray if it is inside my cage. Yes I am weird that way. I actually hold on to my pee till 11pm which is like about 6 hours before I finally relent and peed. At least the two-legged there were really nice to me, they played with me and kept me company. The down side is that my family is not there with me, I have sharp object stuck into me and the dreaded lampshade is back on because I attempted to remove the sharp object by myself!

The vet told Z that she has seen worst cases, there was a Labrador who drank motor oil but thankfully he did not die from it! The next morning Z and my dad came to bring me home. The vet said that I was fine and just to bring me to the vet for a blood test in a few days to make sure there's nothign else wrong with me. Before I actaully went home, I was further subject to more torture in the form of ear cleaning and nail clipping. Jeeez.. This two-leggeds just don't know when to stop do they. To pay them back, I poo in the car on the way back, nice and oily poo. That kinda drove dad mad and Z frantic as she ended up having to clean up my oily poo and as a result both of us ended up with poo on our bodies. Haaa....

Well, so that's the story of the O Incident. I was put on a special diet from the vet for 4 days and was not allowed any treats due to my weak stomach. The moral of the story is never to attempt to drink oil in any form least you'll be subjected to torture by sharp objects and a serious lack of treats. Here are some photos of me after I was brought home from the hospital.

Argh!!! It itches! Get the bandage off me!!!

Yes are you happy now that you've put it on me?

Yes I know, I have a very provocative way of sleeping.

The Two-leggeds find this funny, I can't understand why.

Please stop pointing that thing at me.

Z is in the midst of making the Christmas Cards for this year's exchange! She'll post up some prodeuctuion photos soon. Being the smart dawg that I am I have delegated all the work to Z, Since she's the one with who can safely handle all the tools. All of you wonderful dawgs who have been keeping up with my life's journey (although its still a relatively short one) will be recieving a card from me! I would like to thank all of you dawgs and cats in advance for taking time off to have a peek at my life. I would have like to sent to more of you but not all of my friends participated in the exchange. Till next time dawgs!

Licks and Leaps

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Hey Dawgs!

I know I've been away for quite a while and frankly, I blame Z. She's been going around saying she's been too busy with work and making Christmas present for V and V's sister and making a birthday present for our dad (Which may I add are ALL in December!) that she hardly have time to help me update my bloggie. I mean what can be more interesting than helping me post my bloggie ? This two-legged really needs to set her priorities straight.

Well I managed to bug her enough to at least type this short post to let all you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking, although due to a certain O Incident I nearly wasn't. Z promise she'll help me post abut the O Incident later when she gets back from work and to post some after pictures of he O Incident. Stay Tune!

I promise to keep my two-legged in hand from now. Just because I slacked a bit they get complacent.

Licks and Leaps