Saturday, November 8, 2008

The O Incident!

Hey Dawgs,

From my previous post, You dawgs are probably wondering what is this O Incident? I will now give out the full name of the incident, it is THE OIL DRINKING INCIDENT! Yes you read it right the first time, I the pooped eater, urine drinker, tissue eater, underwear stealer have now added another name tot he list, oil drinker. Why you would think make me want to drink oil and what kind of oil is it exactly? Lets just say that I got curious about the nature of that yellow shiny liquid and decide to investigate and as to what kind of oil, I drank lamp oil, the kind that the two-legged use for the prayer alter.

Z wasn't home when it happen and when Mom found me, I was covered in oil and have finished the entire bowl of oil, there was about half left. Mom went into a semi-hysteric and started phoning Z asking her what to do. Apparantly Z doesn't know what to do either so she rushed home to take me to the vet. At this point I was feeling quite happy with myself until I started feeling queasy and my stomach was rumbling. So I started drinking lots of water and puked up most of the oil, twice.

Mom became fully hysteric when I refuse to eat my dinner. I mean I was still feeling oily and disgusted and the two-leggeds want me to eat? They are weird that way. So they pack me off to the clinic for a check up to make sure that I'm alright and when we arrive and they told the receptionist what I did, the vet came and advice that I be kept for observation and to be put on a IV drip because they do not know what other chemicals are present in the oil and if I'm affected I may get pancretitis. The problem is that at he clinic they do not have nurse who stay overnight and if I'm to be kept there I will be all alone at night. Z and my mom couldn't bare the thought of me being all alone so they pack me off to the Animal Hospital instead which have 24 hour care. When I arrive, the technicians shaved off some of my fur and then proceed to stick sharp objects into me! If cause I protested, very loudly and violently and Z who is also afraid of sharp objects didn't dare to look. They stole my blood and then I was put on a drip. Sigh... It was not a pleasant experience and the worst part was I refused to pee and kept holding in my pee, because I will only pee on my pee tray if it is inside my cage. Yes I am weird that way. I actually hold on to my pee till 11pm which is like about 6 hours before I finally relent and peed. At least the two-legged there were really nice to me, they played with me and kept me company. The down side is that my family is not there with me, I have sharp object stuck into me and the dreaded lampshade is back on because I attempted to remove the sharp object by myself!

The vet told Z that she has seen worst cases, there was a Labrador who drank motor oil but thankfully he did not die from it! The next morning Z and my dad came to bring me home. The vet said that I was fine and just to bring me to the vet for a blood test in a few days to make sure there's nothign else wrong with me. Before I actaully went home, I was further subject to more torture in the form of ear cleaning and nail clipping. Jeeez.. This two-leggeds just don't know when to stop do they. To pay them back, I poo in the car on the way back, nice and oily poo. That kinda drove dad mad and Z frantic as she ended up having to clean up my oily poo and as a result both of us ended up with poo on our bodies. Haaa....

Well, so that's the story of the O Incident. I was put on a special diet from the vet for 4 days and was not allowed any treats due to my weak stomach. The moral of the story is never to attempt to drink oil in any form least you'll be subjected to torture by sharp objects and a serious lack of treats. Here are some photos of me after I was brought home from the hospital.

Argh!!! It itches! Get the bandage off me!!!

Yes are you happy now that you've put it on me?

Yes I know, I have a very provocative way of sleeping.

The Two-leggeds find this funny, I can't understand why.

Please stop pointing that thing at me.

Z is in the midst of making the Christmas Cards for this year's exchange! She'll post up some prodeuctuion photos soon. Being the smart dawg that I am I have delegated all the work to Z, Since she's the one with who can safely handle all the tools. All of you wonderful dawgs who have been keeping up with my life's journey (although its still a relatively short one) will be recieving a card from me! I would like to thank all of you dawgs and cats in advance for taking time off to have a peek at my life. I would have like to sent to more of you but not all of my friends participated in the exchange. Till next time dawgs!

Licks and Leaps

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Hey Dawgs!

I know I've been away for quite a while and frankly, I blame Z. She's been going around saying she's been too busy with work and making Christmas present for V and V's sister and making a birthday present for our dad (Which may I add are ALL in December!) that she hardly have time to help me update my bloggie. I mean what can be more interesting than helping me post my bloggie ? This two-legged really needs to set her priorities straight.

Well I managed to bug her enough to at least type this short post to let all you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking, although due to a certain O Incident I nearly wasn't. Z promise she'll help me post abut the O Incident later when she gets back from work and to post some after pictures of he O Incident. Stay Tune!

I promise to keep my two-legged in hand from now. Just because I slacked a bit they get complacent.

Licks and Leaps

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Very First Tag!

Hey Dawgs!

I've been tagged for the very first time my my pawsome friends
Huskee & Hershey. They have tagged me to play the 7x7 Tag. What I have to do is to give 7 answers to 7 questions, so here we go!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die!

1. Steal every single
Socks in the house and make it Mine.
2. Be able to eat as much
Poop as I want.
3. Destroy
The Muzzle so that it can never plague me again.
4. Eat all the
Bananas I want.
5. Eat all the
Peanut Butter I want
6. Have
Milk anytime I want.
7. Be able to
sleep anyway I want at night.

7 Things I Do Now!
1. Chew my
Bone Bone.
2. Run around the house madly with my
Cuz Toy.
3. Run around the house madly with my
Kong Toy.
4. Run around the house madly with my Sock.
5. Kill Z's
6. Sleep on her
7. Sleep on
Mom's Lap.

7 Things I Can't Do!

Pee on command, I just do it when I feel like it.
Stay still with a treat in front of me. I know some dawggies who are capable of this miraculous feat.
Be off lease, Z thinks that I'll run everywhere but towards her (She just doesn't trust me and here we are talking about how its important to have trust in a relationship)
Sleep out of my cage at night, cause I have a habit of biting the joss stick which pisses my Two-leggeds off. 5. Play Dead. I keep confusing it with Roll Over, I mean its about the same thing! A trick is a trick, give me the damn treats.
Do a Bow. Face it people, it sounds like Down even Z agrees with me.
7. Eat my poop. I would love to do it, really but my Two-leggeds just refused to let me eat my poop.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex!

Smells like Milo ,my Childhood Playmate (Literally, we met when we are just puppies).
Looks like Milo (pronounced Mee Low)
Plays Chase with me like Milo.
Short like Milo (so I can run faster then her).
Gentle like Milo (compare to me, Z thinks Milo's an Angel)
6. Play
Bitey-Face with me like Milo.
Walks like Milo (she looks cute with her little waddle)

7 Things I Say Most Often!
Treats! Give meTreats!
Dinner! Give me Dinner!
Milk! Give me Milk!
Tissue! I want to eat Tissue!
Joss Stick! Haa! Catch me if you can! Haa!
6. Wanna
Chase me? Come chase me!
Feed Me! I want to eat! Give me your Food!

7 Celebrities That I Admire!

1. Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians. Cause they are such loving dawgs who loves the other puppies eventhough they are not their own.

2. Tramp from Lady and the Tramp. Because he's such a streetwise and smart dawg.

Simba form Lion King. Cause he's fun and curious like me!
Milo from The Mask. Because according to Z he's so cute.
Frank the Pug from Man in Black. Because he's just so weird and he speaks Two-Leggedish!
6. Lassie. Because of her loyalty towards her Two-Legged.

7. Samantha from I Am Legend. Because she's willing to Die for her Two-Legged! Wow!

Whew, that took some time! I got hungry by the time i finish all the question and then I realised that there's actually only 6 questions. Hahaha.. The 7th Question must have gotten lost some where. Oh well, I now tag 7 of my dawggies pals to do this tag.

Boo Casanova
Sen and Tom
The Puppies of Hoadley Drive

Licks and Leaps

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Perfect Halloween Fruit!

Hey Dawgs (and Cats),

Sorry for being away for so long. Z's excuse is she can't find time to help me blog even though she's ALWAYS in front of the computer. Anyway, I managed to put her through a guilt trip and here I am again to put up some more interesting stuff on my bloggie.

Z has been cooking up something real yummy! A Fish Pie! Unfortunately I don't have a share in it because Z thinks it'll be too unhealthy for me!! I bet she just wants it all for herself. Here are some photos of it.

This is what's inside of the pie before Z pours the cream over and add the mash potatoes. Cod, Steam Broccoli and Boiled Eggs cut into quarters.

This is the end product after Z has taken a piece out of it. Argh!!! I wish i had a slice too.. What a meanie Z is.

And while I was helping out Z to prepare the pie, I happen to peep into the fridge and guess what I saw? The Devil, in disguise as a Fruit!

Argh!! Check out how freaky it is!

Look at it! It has a face! Its as if someone cut off the heads of little devils and then mummified them into this!!!!

We don't really celebrate Halloween over in Singapore, but can you imagine going for trick or treating and find one of this in your treat bag? Creepy....

The weird Devil fruit frightened me so much I went to hide in Z's comforter. Maybe if I stay still the creepy Devil Fruit won't come and haunt me.

Then it Z came to me and explain that its not heads of little mummified devils but they are actually some sort of a water chestnut that can only be bought around the Chinese Lunar 8 month! How weird is that!

Oh Well.. Its just one of those great mysteries of life. I shouldn't ponder so much into it and just lie back and relax in Z's comforter. Heee....

Licks and Leaps

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Conniving Little Me!

Hey Dawgs!

Sorry for the lack of posting and its all Z's fault because she's too busy out working at a new part-time job, supposedly to earn money to go visit V in LA in December. And, that is if her Dad allows it. So anyway, I was complaining to her that since she works so much now, she has no time for the very important Me. I mean who am I to bully at home, and who is going to feed me treats and play with me. Our conversation went like this:

Hugo: You are working so much you hardly have time for me! What about me?

Z: Don't be silly Hugo, you still have 4 other people in the house for you to boss around.

Hugo: But its not the same they don't bring me for walks!!

Z: As if you want to go for walks, the last time we went for a walk what happen? You took 5 steps then flop down onto your belly and refuse to walk and I have to physically pick you up. Oh and how many times you did that? At least 10! In like a 10 metres stretch of road!

Hugo: Hmmmm... I was eh just doing push ups, yup push up.

Z: Right....

That was the end of a rather disappointing act to get Z to spend more time with me. But the good thing is I've got my Mom (who is Z's Mom as well) wrap around my little paw (even Z agrees) and there's even pictures to proof how completely under my spell my Mom is. Jeez... This two-leggeds are so easy to win over sometimes.

This photos were taken on the same day which I did the "Push Up Stunt" and Mom wa so worried that there's sometihing wrong with me. Z decided to try and take me on a walk again, and at the very mention of the word "walk" this is what I did.

I went to lie down beside my mom and gave her my paw, pretending to be pathetic.

Mom: Why? Whta's wrong baby? Your paw pain pain izzit?

She fell for it! I lifted my head and gave Z a smug look. Hah!

Mom: You okie already baby? Want to go for a walk?

Ohhh.. Almost blew it by trying to be smug, better lie low and act pathetic.

Mom: Its okie baby, Mummy sayang you..

Sneaking a peek at Z to make sure that she's not trying anything funny.

Pretending to be pathetic has its advantages, I get a good massage from my Mom!

Mom: Mummy massage your head for you.

Don't you all just love my cute little smile? My mom loves it when I smile at her!

Mom: So cute, you smiling at Mummy?

Hee Hee Hee, My Mom has completely fallen for my superb acting. I should win an award for this!

All this acting is making me sleepy....

As I lie there, I contemplated getting into the show Business and have a career as a Professional Actor.

Then I realised that its just too much work, being an amateur gets me my treats and massages as well. All this acting is tiring, I should go for a nap now...

Licks and Leaps Hugo

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Eventful Day

I'm now officially 8 months and 2 days old!

So here I was enjoying myself on Z's bed when suddenly, Z turn to be me and say "Hugo! Let's go for your grooming!"


Grooming? What grooming why wasn't I informed of this. I must say I hate grooming, really really dislike it. Because I have to be motionless and have strange people handling me. I hate it. I'm a really sensitive dawg you know.

So they pack me off in my bag and then Z decide to take a photo of me and my PA cause she aid I looked very funny in my too small bag!

We got into a cab, and arrived at the groomers (urgh..). As I've told you before I'm really sensitive so when they groomer was grooming me, I got worried and snapped at her. That resulted in both Z and the groomer telling me I'm a bad boy. I'm sorry that I'm afraid of pain (even if its one of those almost not painful kinda pain, especially if its inflicted by two-leggeds)

This was me before grooming. You can see how much fur I've accumulated!

While I was getting tortured, there's a maltese who was completelyun aware of my pique. Look at how deeply asleep this dawg is. Her tongue was sticking out!

This is me at home, after 3 hours of standing up and not moving. All that to make the two-leggeds happy. Jeez...

And because Z felt bad for having made me stand still for so long, so got these for me! Yipppie! More treats are always welcome.

Z also decide to change to a bigger collar for me. It seems I've grown too big for my little blue one, so Z upgraded me to a bigger Red Collar, which according to her, compliments my fur.
What do you Dawgs reckon?

Sorry for the bad photo, this was the only one that Z was able to take, because apparantly I move too much.

Here I am back on Z's bed getting my well-deserved rest.

Falling Asleep......


Licks and Leaps

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been Attacked!

Yes, it all explains itself in the title. I've been attacked by a Jack Russell! She is a extremely fierce and vicious old lady name chocolate. And what is my crime you may ask? Its just all because I'm cuter then her and everyone around was singing my praise.

So what happen was that yesterday, Z and my Dad finally took me for my much awaited walk, not at the usual reservoir but just a small park near our home. We went pass the house of the aforesaid old lady, and her family (and her) were out at the front landing chit chatting. Seeing that I'm an extremely adorable puppy, everyone flock to me and calling me cute, and they were all wishing that they have doggies who were as cute as me. So that scary lady got jealous and started snapping at me which resulted in her being put away by her owner. I was even kind enough to go visit her but she wasn't too happy and bit my face! It was a good thing I had so much hair so I was fine. Then, there I was basking in the praises of the two-leggeds and the next thing I know Chocolate has somehow escape from her house and started attacking me! It was a good thing her owner managed to tug her away fast enough or she could have seriously injure me. Thankfully I suffer no injury other then a bruised ego. Chocolate's owner was sooooo scary, she hit Chocolate so hard that even Z flinch and then drag her back to the house by her collar! What a firece owner!

Z didn't have a camera with her so she had to surf the web to find a photo that looks like Chocolate. This is what she looks like! (This is not her, just another doggy named Sophie who looks like Chocolate)

The good thing that came out of this is that Chocolate's owner felt sorry for me and brought out salmon treats for me! Ahhh Heaven! Although Z was being a spoiled sport and saying that I'm fine and needed to be discipline by another dog anyway (what cow dung!). Then I go on to win the hearts of the two-leggeds by performing tricks for the treats! Hahahahahaha.. Two-leggeds are such sucker for tricks! A couple of "Give Paws", "Rollovers" and "Say Pleases" and I have them in the palm of my paw!

This is a photo of the adorable me resting at home after my ordeal!

From the comments of my previous post, Huskee ask if Z's phone bill have exploded yet (for those who are new to my bloggie, if you've read my earlier posting you'll understand why) and the answer is a BIG NO! Why you may ask and the answer is that Z and V ended up using this online service known as Skype which enables them to call each other and have video conference for free! Wonderful idea if I may say. (At this precise moment, Z is actually waiting for V to wake up so that she can Skype him, so I only have a small window of opportunity to blog)

That's all for today Dawggies! I'll post again as soon as possible!

Licks and Leaps