Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Perfect Halloween Fruit!

Hey Dawgs (and Cats),

Sorry for being away for so long. Z's excuse is she can't find time to help me blog even though she's ALWAYS in front of the computer. Anyway, I managed to put her through a guilt trip and here I am again to put up some more interesting stuff on my bloggie.

Z has been cooking up something real yummy! A Fish Pie! Unfortunately I don't have a share in it because Z thinks it'll be too unhealthy for me!! I bet she just wants it all for herself. Here are some photos of it.

This is what's inside of the pie before Z pours the cream over and add the mash potatoes. Cod, Steam Broccoli and Boiled Eggs cut into quarters.

This is the end product after Z has taken a piece out of it. Argh!!! I wish i had a slice too.. What a meanie Z is.

And while I was helping out Z to prepare the pie, I happen to peep into the fridge and guess what I saw? The Devil, in disguise as a Fruit!

Argh!! Check out how freaky it is!

Look at it! It has a face! Its as if someone cut off the heads of little devils and then mummified them into this!!!!

We don't really celebrate Halloween over in Singapore, but can you imagine going for trick or treating and find one of this in your treat bag? Creepy....

The weird Devil fruit frightened me so much I went to hide in Z's comforter. Maybe if I stay still the creepy Devil Fruit won't come and haunt me.

Then it Z came to me and explain that its not heads of little mummified devils but they are actually some sort of a water chestnut that can only be bought around the Chinese Lunar 8 month! How weird is that!

Oh Well.. Its just one of those great mysteries of life. I shouldn't ponder so much into it and just lie back and relax in Z's comforter. Heee....

Licks and Leaps


Raising Addie said...

That is one freaky looking fruit!

It scares me and I am only looking at a picture of it.

But the picture of you in bed is adorable!


Sen and Tom said...

Good to hear from you., Hugo! We missed you!

We think Z should have given even just a tiny little bit of the fish pie...

As for the fruit, we thought it looked like bats!!! Amazing!

Blog gain soon!

Your pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom

BenTheRotti said...

That is certainly freaky freaky fruit!
Its a shame we can't buy that here! that would look cool on the howlaween platter!
Mums mouth was watering at the sight of that fish pie! She has never tried putting eggs in a fish pie before but i bet she will be trying it now!
Thats a really cute picture of you snuggling up in bed

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Hugo,
I recognise that fruit! My mom bought it during the Mid-Autumn Festival (and it tasted quite yucky)...
By the way, I just tagged you to play a cool game.. check out my blog

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hugo!
That fish pie sure looks yummy! Too bad you did not get some!
Yes, those things look like bats!
Here, we don't celebrate Halloween either!
Kisses and hugs

T-man's mom said...

That fruit scared me too, Hugo!! I think you should stay far away from it. Snuggling in the blankets sounds like a good plan.

T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel