Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Very First Tag!

Hey Dawgs!

I've been tagged for the very first time my my pawsome friends
Huskee & Hershey. They have tagged me to play the 7x7 Tag. What I have to do is to give 7 answers to 7 questions, so here we go!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die!

1. Steal every single
Socks in the house and make it Mine.
2. Be able to eat as much
Poop as I want.
3. Destroy
The Muzzle so that it can never plague me again.
4. Eat all the
Bananas I want.
5. Eat all the
Peanut Butter I want
6. Have
Milk anytime I want.
7. Be able to
sleep anyway I want at night.

7 Things I Do Now!
1. Chew my
Bone Bone.
2. Run around the house madly with my
Cuz Toy.
3. Run around the house madly with my
Kong Toy.
4. Run around the house madly with my Sock.
5. Kill Z's
6. Sleep on her
7. Sleep on
Mom's Lap.

7 Things I Can't Do!

Pee on command, I just do it when I feel like it.
Stay still with a treat in front of me. I know some dawggies who are capable of this miraculous feat.
Be off lease, Z thinks that I'll run everywhere but towards her (She just doesn't trust me and here we are talking about how its important to have trust in a relationship)
Sleep out of my cage at night, cause I have a habit of biting the joss stick which pisses my Two-leggeds off. 5. Play Dead. I keep confusing it with Roll Over, I mean its about the same thing! A trick is a trick, give me the damn treats.
Do a Bow. Face it people, it sounds like Down even Z agrees with me.
7. Eat my poop. I would love to do it, really but my Two-leggeds just refused to let me eat my poop.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex!

Smells like Milo ,my Childhood Playmate (Literally, we met when we are just puppies).
Looks like Milo (pronounced Mee Low)
Plays Chase with me like Milo.
Short like Milo (so I can run faster then her).
Gentle like Milo (compare to me, Z thinks Milo's an Angel)
6. Play
Bitey-Face with me like Milo.
Walks like Milo (she looks cute with her little waddle)

7 Things I Say Most Often!
Treats! Give meTreats!
Dinner! Give me Dinner!
Milk! Give me Milk!
Tissue! I want to eat Tissue!
Joss Stick! Haa! Catch me if you can! Haa!
6. Wanna
Chase me? Come chase me!
Feed Me! I want to eat! Give me your Food!

7 Celebrities That I Admire!

1. Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians. Cause they are such loving dawgs who loves the other puppies eventhough they are not their own.

2. Tramp from Lady and the Tramp. Because he's such a streetwise and smart dawg.

Simba form Lion King. Cause he's fun and curious like me!
Milo from The Mask. Because according to Z he's so cute.
Frank the Pug from Man in Black. Because he's just so weird and he speaks Two-Leggedish!
6. Lassie. Because of her loyalty towards her Two-Legged.

7. Samantha from I Am Legend. Because she's willing to Die for her Two-Legged! Wow!

Whew, that took some time! I got hungry by the time i finish all the question and then I realised that there's actually only 6 questions. Hahaha.. The 7th Question must have gotten lost some where. Oh well, I now tag 7 of my dawggies pals to do this tag.

Boo Casanova
Sen and Tom
The Puppies of Hoadley Drive

Licks and Leaps


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Hugo,

they were great answers, i wish i had thought of the "eat all the peanut butter i can" one!
Thanks for tagging me buddy but I already did this, my answers were nowhere near as good as yours though!!

Mum cried like a baby watching I Am Legend.. I had to explain to her that it was just a movie and Sam didn't "actually" die BOL!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

tadpole said...

Wow - those were great answers, Hugo! This is going to take me a while... I must go take a nap to work up my energy.

Katie and Gizmo said...

Ooh my first tag too. Thanks Hugo


Boo said...

you already have a soul mate in milo. sigh! you just break all the girls' heart out there.

wet wet licks


Lorenza said...

Hi, Hugo!
Nice 7 x 7 answers!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those are pawsome answers.
Hee so do you get to eat many socks?

~ Girl girl

Huskee and Hershey said...

Great answers Hugo.. (although my mom fell off the chair when she read the part where you want to 'eat as much poop as you want'.. Hehee..
OMdoG.. I didn't know you have a 'sock fetish' too.. Hershey is crazy about socks and it drives my dad nuts cos it's impossible to wear a sock in front of Hershey! (I think I know what to send you for Christmas now...SOCKS!!)

Raising Addie said...

Great lists! We are glad to get to know you better!


P.S. Stay away from the poop... YUCK. BOL!!

Thor said...

Great answers for your first tag, Hugo!
Thanks for tagged me.
I love socks too. I want all for me.

Love and licks

The Puppies said...

Thanks for the tag Hugo!! we are going to have to think really hard to come up with our answers!! Yours were so good it is going to be extra hard for us!! :)
The Puppies

Southbay Girl said...

Hugo...those were great answers but alot of work!! Good job!



Woof Hugo

Pawsome answers. We liked them all. Mom wants to know if your Mom has ever read The 101 Dalmations to you. She says it's much better than the movie.

Desert Pups

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Cute, funny answers, Hugo!
How're you?
I miss you, come see me, I have a lot to tell
I'd like you to visit Dino, a friend of mine in Taiwan, the new post was about a poor pug that so touching that my eyes leaked

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Please come see me, I played Tramp, your favorite doggy in my new post.