Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doggy Career (Part 1) - Be A Masseur!

So, I figured that I should start thinking about my career. Those two-leggeds in my house kept yakking about how much I am spending and how its important that I earn my keep so I have decided that I will grow up to be the best Doggy Masseur!

As You can see from the picture below, I have already started practicing my Z's belly when I was just 3 months old! (check out my bandage, I work with an injury, what a brave pup I tell you)

However my dream of becoming a professional doggy masseur came to an abrupt end the other day and its all Z's fault. See she said she was sick and being all useless around the house and even drag her big bed out to watch TV on MY living room floor and not only that, she even ask MY PA to help massage her. (Z - I was having a fever you twit).

So seeing that my PA wasn't doing a good enough job me, being the kind pup that I am, I reprimanded her and decided to show her the proper way to do it. Since I'm so small, I took a running start to land on a good spot on Z (I read somewhere about a-cute-puncture and something about landing on the right spot) and she being the weakling that she is yelled at me that it hurt and even gave me a scolding (Z - I pulled a muscle and you landed on it, its not as if you weigh nothing fat-face). Ungrateful two-leggeds I tell you!

As you can see, my budding massaging career came to an abrupt end because now Z went out to bad-mouth me and ruin my reputation. Sigh... What is a pup to do...

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tadpole said...

First of all, my girl will NOT stop ohhing and ahhing over that first picture of you in this post. *sigh*

Second of all... hoomans are SO weird; they don't appreciate anything we do for them, I tell ya. I tried to clean my girl's nose out for her the other day with my tongue so she wouldn't have to get up and use a Kleenex, and she YELLED at me! Shocking!

Hugo said...

Z was ohhing and ahhing over your pic too. she said that you look like a fragile and suave hero and have such enduring eyes. Then she turn to me and calls me a monster... Tsk Tsk there's no pleasing them..