Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fishy Memorial

Early this morning, Z's fighting fish Beethoven, my upstairs neighbour, went to fishy heaven (sounds like he went to some dubious place). She found him floating motionless on his usual sleeping spot behind his plant and realised that he had moved on.

Beethoven was a nice non invasive neighbour who just swim about happily doing his own thing. He was here much earlier then me (since last September) and has always been nice and polite inspite of his grumpy face. Here is a nice and handsome picture of him when he was younger!

(Z - I wil always remember him as the only one of my fighting fishes who will swim after his food pellet even if it has sunk to the bottom of his tank, the rest of my bettas would never chase after their food. He is also the only one who will consistently get his food stuck on his upper lip! You will be missed Beethovan!)

Licks and Leaps

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