Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poodle Party

Last Sunday, I went to a Poodle Party with Z and her boyfriend call V (Thank You so much for helping Z to fix up my blog page I am sorry that my Z is such a useless two-legged I will reprimand her) Its a gathering held by members of Singapore Pets Channel, a forum where pet owner get together to exchange information about pet care and such. So here are some of the photos that Z took during the party.

This is Ollie a Black Standard Poodle, he's only 8 months old but look at how enormous he is! The two-leggeds were all calling him a Gentle Giant whatever that is..

The white dawg is Sora look at how small he is compared to Ollie! Of cos the whole time he was panicking and going "He's gonna eat me! He's gonna eat me! Help!" Jeez... Ollie just wanted to play.

This is the 3 of us on toilet bowls... The two-legged sure have a weird sense of humour..
(left to right: Bourbon, Me, Sora)
Bourbon kept trying to sniff my down there and I didn't like it ever since they remove my boy part. I've been feeling vulnerable.

This is a group shot of all of us who attend the party!
(left to right: Ollie, Bourbon, Me, Sora, Tuffy and Belle)
As you can see Sora was trying to stay as far away from Ollie as possible and since the two-leggeds couldn't get Ollie up on any toilet bowl cause he's so big and it might break (the toilet not Ollie), he get to keep his dignity, sit on the floor and just grace us with a head shot.

And last but not least, here's a pic of Tuffy asking me what frangance I'm using!

Tuffy: Hey you smell really great! What is that?
Hugo: Hugo For Men by Hugo Boss. *Tee Hee*

Overall, we had a fun day! Belle was such a sweetheart she was the only one who didn't annoy me and just came over to sniff me and wants to play. I think she likes me! *Beams* And then Sora had to go and hump her, what a perv! A perfect gentleman like me would never do that! (I'll ask for permission first) Oh well, till another day this is me signing off...

Hugo Out!


T-man's mom said...

What a great party idea!! I can't think of anything more fun than a poodle party! Ollie reminds me a bit of T-man :)

Thanks for your kind words on T-man's blog. I wish that we had gotten a chance to know you as well when he was alive. I have a feeling that T-man Angel will continue to blog. Maybe we'll stop by and visit again ;)

T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

amy said...

OMG z! i can't believe you have a blog for Hugo! and yes he is a monster... esp when he starts playing and making that eerily freaky sound. eek!

Sen and Tom said...

Hi Hugo! Thanks for visiting our blog.We love your colouring and think you look like a lot of fun. We would both love to be your friends. Our #1 has been to Singapore many times and she would like to ask how you stand all that heat with all your curls?

Sen-Chan and Tom