Friday, September 12, 2008

Of Dog Talk during Dog Walk

Z brought me to the reservoir for a walk today and I must say I have a love-hate relationship with walks. Do not misunderstand me I LOVE walks its just that I hate the lease and collar that Z insist I wear. I mean what's up with that, I can't wander off to smell the flowers and must walk right beside her with her going "heel, Hugo, heel" and she tug at me if I don't. Sadness... But anyway that's beside the point. Every time I go for walks with Z, I'll hear other two-leggeds talking about me, and believe me some of the things they say are really insulting (and they all tend to revolve around just a few topics). Let me give you an re-enactment of 2 of the conversations I heard today.

Number1 : The "OH MY IS THAT A TOY?" Conversation

This conversation was heard between a group of Young Adolescence Male (YAM) who think that the bigger their muscles the more attractive they are. I seriously think that their muscles mass is inversely proportional to their brain mass. Anyway here is what happen.

YAM 1 : Wah look at that! It's a dog!
YAM 2: Really ah! I thought its a toy sia...
YAM 3: Dun be stupid la, toy how to bring for walk, run by battery izzit.
(followed by silly laughter)


Sorry for my lost of control. Firstly I like to clarify that I am not a toy, for the love of all things good and tasty! I am very much alive thank you very much. You two-leggeds may think that its a compliment but its not! I do not like to be compared to an inanimate object. For all you non-singaporean dawgs out there its not that my english have sudden degraded but that is how most YAM converse. Confusing yes, irritating definitely. Moving on...

Number 2: The "WHAT DOG IS THAT?" Conversation

This was extracted from another group of youth, although not of the YAM variety.

Y 1: Ohhhh! So cute! Look at the dog!
Y 2: Yah hor, very cute I think its a poodle.
Y 3:No la, poodle dun look like that one.
Y 2: Yes la, its a poodle! You want to bet!
Y 3:Bet la! Its not a poodle I tell you , the hair not like that one.
(Once again, Excuse my English)

At this point of the conversation, Z decide to settle the dispute once an for all by turning around and smiling at them sweetly while saying "Yes its a poodle." That shut them up the nincompoos!We poodles are really a misunderstood lot I tell you. Just because we are not sporting the widely publicize show cuts does not make us any less a poodle. We've been stereotype! I blame mass media for spreading this mis-conception to all of the two-legged kind and also for thinking that all poodles are bimbos just because of the way we look. We are one of smartest dawgs in the world, second only to Border Collies. To all two-leggeds - STOP LOOKING AT US THROUGH COLOURED LENS!

And now back to more light-hearted stuff, friends (hopefully) of mine, Sen and Tom asked how do I keep myself cool in the blasted weather of Singapore. For all you dawgs who are not aware, singapore is a tropical country which means that we experience ONLY summer so its hot and its humid here all year round with no chance ever of getting any decent cool weather . Which is really a damper with all my luxurious curly fur(Hee Hee). (Z-Don't exaggerate, we've some pretty cool weather this last few weeks)

This is what I do.

I sit in front of a fan! See how my fur is being blown to one side, This is a excellent method to keep myself cool (because the AC is too high up). Notice how my windblown fur gives me a movie star kind look? Hee Hee Hee.. Although it also look like I'm going to be blown away as I'm leaning to the right.

And if the day got hotter and this fan is just not enough to keep me COOL (literally and figuratively)

See how I'm scowling at the camera, trying to give myself a brooding look AND to re-enforce my point to Z that i'm not cool enough.

I get Z to turn on a BIGGER Fan for me to sit infront of!

See I'm more satisfy now!

Weeeeee.... Look at my ear fly! Sorry for the bad lighting Z is quite a useless photographer.

So this just about wraps up my topic for now. That's all Folks (or Dawgs)!

Licks and Leaps


Sen and Tom said...

Hi Hugo! You DO look cool sitting in front of the fan! Good choice!

Sorry about the leash situation. I (Tom) feel for you! I am never on a leash when we go for our long walks because it's all fields behind the house and I can run and run. But I have to be on a leash when we go into town or travel, and it's very constraining, especially that #1 gets really crabby if I pull.

As for the adolescents you met... well, poor them... adolescents are universally weird and unappreciative of the finer things in life!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom

Katie and Gizmo said...

G'day I found you through Dogs with Blogs.
I love the pic of you sitting in front of the fan.

Charlie said...

Hi Hugo! My sister Sophie says "leashes are evil!" I say "whatever it takes, just let me come too".
- Charlie

p.s. Mom says she loves that you don't have a show cut. She thinks you look adorable.