Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monster? Me?

Z calls me a monster. So does Mum and Dad and GH. Even my PA calls me a monster. I mean what's up with that? I am such an angel (Z - yeah right and pigs can fly) and I always do things that makes them go "Wah so cute Hugo!" But why do they still call me a monster?

So in my defence, I shall try my up most best to prove that I am an angel and not a monster as those delusional two-legged thinks.

First of all, look at me, aren't you just mesmerize by mt BIG BIG eyes? I was just 3 months old then, don't I look so helpless and fragile? Hee Hee Hee

Then there is this one, which shows my angelic smile! *Beams*

And this which shows my very innocent face. How can you not love me?

To make it fair, Z force me (at risk of being put into THE DUNGEON) to put up 2 photos which she deems proves my monster-ness as a comparison and since I know that I am an angel and have nothing to hide, I will show it to prove me innocent.

This which in her opinion makes me look like something that crawl out from a swamp (Z - it looks like a doggy rendition of THE SWAMP THING)

And this. In my defence they were tickling me and I do have ticklish spots. I can't help it if my face looks funny. (Z - He looks like a deranged/rabid/demented/mental dog that is going to eat my fingers)

I still convinced that I'm an angel even with Z's supposed incrimination photos. What do you reckon?

Licks and Leaps
Hugo (The Angel)


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

That is so cute! Of course you are an angel. ;)

tadpole said...

Ummm... OBVIOUSLY they are doctored photos! They are photoshopped with the sole purpose of setting you up as a MONSTER. It's false and ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves.

And, once again, my girl will not stop talking about your cute little eyes and button nose and curly-cue hair. Jeesh.